About THOR

THOR is a non-profit 5(ish)K race benefitting the LWF and the Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys.

The off-road adventure starts in Lucy Park and winds along the Wichita River, through Camp Fillers, and back to Lucy Park. Fierce obstacles and mud riddled trails stand between you and victTHORy.

You think you’re tough enough? Come test your THORtitude at Texoma’s roughest race on record!

Race Info

Obstacle Listing

Are you just going crazy with anticipation wondering what obstacles you will encounter? Well, here is a listing and short description of 2024’s obstacles to give you an idea of the fun in store for you. The course building crew is always busy dreaming up new surprises as well. Don’t let the descriptions scare you. Remember, you can always go at your own pace and bypass an obstacle if you are not up to the challenge.

Download List

Course Outline

This is a downloadable view of the 2024 THOR Course. We will update for 2025 as we get closer to the event. Volunteers can download it to get an idea of where your station will be. Registrants can download it just to get a better sense of where the course will take you and the obstacles you will face.

Download Map / Google Map Link

Course Map

Pre-Run Info

Participant Waiver

You can print out and complete this form and bring it with you to Packet Pick-up to speed up the check-in process. Download Form

2024 Pre-Run Guide

Here is a copy of our pre-run guide for 2024. We will update this for 2025 as we get closer to the event. Check it our for information regarding packet pickup dates & times and instructions for the day of the event. – Download Form


What is this THOR thing I keep hearing about?

THOR stands for Texoma’s Hellacious Obstacle Run. It is possible that THOR is the one thing you’ve been missing out on your entire life. Simply put, THOR is a 5(ish)K trail run full of obstacles and adventure. You’ll be expected to run, wade, climb, traipse, hustle, dash, duck, dodge, and jump throughout the adventurous course designed to be fun, but competitive. You will get dirty. And you will like it. Actually, you will most likely end up loving it.

How old must I be to participate in THOR?

For the main THOR event you must be at least 13 years of age at the time of the race.

However, kids ages 4 to 12 can join in on the fun by running on our kids’ THOR course.

What is this I am hearing about a Kids’ THOR run?

We thought why should the adults get to have all the fun. After all who likes to play in the dirt more than kids?

So we have kids’ THOR courses and times for kids ages 4-8 & ages 9-12. The length and difficulty of each course will be geared towards the specific age groups.

But wait, “What about kids 13 & older?” you say…. Don’t worry, they can come join in on the fun too! All kids ages 13 and older are allowed on the main course. If you are concerned about them being able to complete a certain challenge, just remember they always have the option to by-pass an obstacle.

So there truly is something for everyone in the family. So bring out the whole gang and come get your THOR on!

Now that kids can participate in THOR can the whole family run together?

Yes and no. The main THOR event is restricted to participants age 13 or older on the date of the event (blame it on the insurance people!) However, parents or older siblings are encouraged to run along side the younger kids on the kids course as long as they have paid there entry into the main THOR event.

Well now that I know what THOR is, how do I sign up?

Easy peezy! Registration is located online (on this very website!). It’s fast and simple. You can also sign up the day of the event, but you will have to pay more.

Hold the phone. What form of document must I be willing to sign to partake in such an event?

We do not expect you to read and sign an Apple Terms and Conditions catalogue, but you will be expected to sign a waiver form that will be provided to you the day of the event. Minors will need a parent or guardian’s signature to be allowed to participate.

Wait a second… Why should I pay for THOR?

Because it’s an honor and a privilege. Because what else are you going to spend your money on? Video games? Bubble gum? Lottery tickets? Come on now. And don’t forget that giving makes the heart grow. Proceeds from THOR 2025 will benefit Wichita Falls Streams & Valleys and the Leadership Wichita Falls program, two programs we strongly believe in.

If you would like to learn more about either of these organizations, please ask us here or on our Facebook page!

Speaking of which, how much is this going to cost me?

Early registration for the main THOR event is $40.00 until March 1. From then on you’ll have to pay $50.00. Unless you wait until the morning of the event, that’ll cost you $60.00 bones.

The kids THOR runs are $25.00 thru March 1. Then the price increases to $30.00. If you wait until the morning of the event it goes up to $3,500. Okay, not really, but it does increase to $35.00.

So be proactive and sign up today!

I’m not as athletic as I used to be. May I still compete?

A strong mind is more important that a strong body when it comes to completing THOR. If you believe deep down that you have what it takes to trek through 5(ish)K worth of off-road insanity, then it can be done. Look into your heart. Then look into your heart’s heart. There, and only there, can an answer be found.

And remember, don’t be scared! Keep in mind that you participate at your own pace. Walk if you want. Skip if you feel the urge. If you’re in a group, go at your group’s pace. Come across an obstacle too challenging? Go around it. The course is designed to be competitive but fun for all.

Also, medical staff will be on site and on call in case something were to happen.

I’ve been training for years. What can I expect to win?

There is a competitive wave at 8:20am. The first and second overall male and female finishers of this waive will claim the glory and receive a just reward!

For everyone else, finishing THOR is its own prize. It’s a run, not a race. However, all participants will receive a nice swag bag and a custom finisher medal!

If we could somehow concoct a method of measuring who had the most fun, we would assuredly give a prize for that. But alas, technology can only take us so far. We may, however, give prizes for most creative costume, best group name, most exciting group, etc.

I’m a first timer. What should I wear?

You wear whatever you want to wear… as long as you’re wearing something. Be creative. Costumes are encouraged, especially group costumes. Also, facial hair is 100% welcome.

So, when do I run?

Well you obviously haven’t registered yet, have you? We have groups going off every 10 minutes. You will be able to pick your own run time when you register online. First come, first serve so don’t be too wishy washy about it.

Where should I park my preferred mode of transportation?

We are glad you asked this very important question. THOR Village inside of Lucy Park has somewhat limited parking options and a few parking restrictions we must follow. You may park in any of the parking areas throughout the park but you may not park in the grass or any area other areas.

We are happy to announce that we will once again have a tram in the park to take from your vehicle to the start/finish line area and vice versa.

Okay, where do I go after that?

Our start/finish line area is inside of Lucy Park. We will be at the pavilion on the East side of the park. For those of you familiar with the park, this is near the canoe launch area. Don’t worry we will have lot’s of signs, plus you can always follow the crowds!

Come to the pavilion first to pickup up your packet and/or register (if you haven’t already), and to sign your waiver forms. Then you can head thru THOR Village to the start/finish line area. Feel free to check out the area and scope out the vendor booths along the way. I’m guessing you will figure it out from there.

Running in mud tends to make me thirsty and/or hungry. Will such amenities be provided?

My goodness you are full of insightful queries today. There will be plenty of food and beverages for sale in the THOR Village located inside Lucy Park. Vendors will be there willing and waiting to eliminate your THORian thirst.




Volunteer Info

Volunteer Form

Interested in volunteering for the Texoma’s Hellacious Obstacle Run (THOR) to be held on Saturday, April 12th? Please complete the Volunteer Registration form with all of your information. Each volunteer will receive a THOR t-shirt the day of volunteering and memories that will last a lifetime!

Vendor Info

Vendor Form

Got something you’d like to sell? The THOR Village is a great place to showcase your merchandise or product. We are currently accepting applications for vendors to reserve a space. Like most functions, space is limited, so fill out the form and submit at your earliest convenience.

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